Journalism and Strategic Communication Diploma


​The diploma in journalism and strategic communication offers a set of courses that encapsulate key themes and topics in today’s world of digital media. By combining a certificate in journalism to another in strategic communication, this program aims to create a well-rounded understanding of the requirements, skills, techniques and demands in the field of media at large; from mundane reporting and in-depth storytelling in print, online, and televised media to communication strategies and campaign tactics in political and social organizations as well as corporate entities. This program provides its students with theoretical and practical knowledge through academic studies, guest speakers, and engaging exercises to ensure a full understanding of the​ course materials and their forms of application in the real world.​

Course Description

​To complete this diploma program, students must complete the journalism certificate​ and the strategic communication ​certificate​. ​​​​​

To submit your full registration, ​​send all filled required documents to or pass by CEC Office. ​​​​​​