Fall 2012: Launching event

​​​Let the Fall term begin!​

On a nice September evening the UfS community gathered on West Hall terrace to celebrate the Fall 2012 term launching.

The event was supposed to start at 5pm but seniors started arriving at 4:30. West Hall’s 2nd floor was crowded that day as a conference was running at the same time in Bathish auditorium. But this didn’t seem to bother anyone as we were all taken by our reunion after a long summer.

100 seniors showed up at the event all eager to know more about the UfS’s fall term offerings and procedures especially the new comers, who were numerous. Provost Ahmad Dallal and the Faculty of Health Sciences Dean, Dr. Iman Nuwayhid, were also there, showing their support to the University for Seniors.

A welcome address was given by the UfS Coordinator, Maya Abi Chahine, who thanked all those volunteering to make this program a success, namely the study group leaders, the lecturers and the committees members. She also presented the rich Fall term program to the attendees.

People enjoyed their time reconnecting with friends and meeting new seniors. The cool breath, the lovely September sunset, the pass around finger food and the nice Oud music played by and AUB student added to the event’s nice ambiance.

Before leaving, the big family gathered for a souvenir group picture.​