Introduction to Digital Photography

​​​Study group in details

led by Ms. Mary Mckone, this study group ran for six weeks during our Spring 2012 term on Mondays from 4:00 till 6:00 PM in the ACPS computer lab

Through the lens

The Introduction to Digital photography study group was one of our popular classes in the Fall 2011 and therefore we offered it again to our enthusiastic members in Spring 2012. Despite being a class where conditions apply for enrollment; basic computer knowledge and semi-professional camera are prerequisites; it attracted a huge crowd and the class filled up quickly on registration day.

Our seniors were eager to learn and always on time for class, prepared with their cameras and homework. They all meticulously followed Mary’s instructions: from basic aim and shoot concept to controlling light, zoom and exploring different structures of a picture. Starting with the AUB campus, continuing to their homes and on their field trip to Byblos, our photographers took magnificent pictures with concepts in mind and cameras in hand.

Their learning process did not end here; they acquired basic Photoshop techniques. They learned what to crop out of a picture and what to keep, how to control brightness and contrast, make corrections on a photo if necessary and eventually sign their pictures with their names!

We chose one picture per participant to share with you, (Click here​)​ to see them