Places and Inspirations in Mediterranean Europe

Study group in details

led by Dr. Hassan Ramadan, this study group ran for six weeks during our Spring 2012 term on Wednesdays from 6:00 till 7:30 PM in the Hisham Jaroudi Auditorium


Have you ever been to Provence, Tuscany and Andalusia?

“I felt like I've been to Provence, Tuscany & Andalusia. I did not even want to be back. I especially liked the narration which was like music & poetry to my ears and the inclusion of several aspects like geography, architecture, history, culture, food and arts. Pure Perfection.”

“Dr Ramadan is so passionate about the subject that it is highly contagious!”

This is a sample of how our seniors regarded “Places and Inspirations in Mediterranean Europe”... they were indeed so many to have attended the six sessions, without missing a single one or a single minute.

Dr. Ramadan took our 45 seniors on a virtual journey to Provence, Tuscany and Andalusia from the Hisham Jaroudi auditorium. Together they explored the physical beauty and uncovered the inspirational and everlasting magic of this part of the world!