How to find quality health information for a healthier life

​​Lecture in details

Part of the Healthy Aging Lecture series, Ms. Aida Farha gave a lecture on Tuesday 29 May from 11:00 AM till 12:30 PM in the Hariri School of Nursing building

Quality health info from the internet

Without a doubt the internet was certainly the 20th century’s revolution, however this doesn’t come without a price and without downsides…one of the downsides is that one gets overwhelmed with the quantity of information on the internet and the sometimes bad quality of the info. And when it comes to health, one cannot afford to have a wrong piece of information; this could be fatal.

This is why the University for Seniors curriculum committee decided to host a lecture on “How to find quality health information for a healthier life?”.

The lecture was given by Aida Farha who is the Medical health information specialist at AUB’s Saab Medical library.

The seniors were introduced to free and up-to-date internet sites written in a language that a non-healthcare professional easily understands. They also got acquainted with effective Google search techniques.
The old adage “An informed patient is a better patient” is surely easier to achieve nowadays with the internet…if one knows how to use it properly!