Registration procedure

The UfS Spring 2020 term is currently suspended due to COVID-19​​

​​Spring 2020 - March 9 to June 5, 2020

Online registration will be open from Monday, February 24 at 10:00 am to Friday, February 28 at 4:00 pm. The UfS adopts an EXCLUSIVELY online registration system  and so registration doesnot take place at the UfS office. Online registration form can be filled by you or anyone else on your behalf. The activities requiring registration will be filled on a first to register, first to enroll basis; any form of registration before registration week will not be counted. Those who complete the registration process (i.e. fill in the online application form and settle the membership fees) will be registered in classes. Thus in order to guarantee your place, the registration process should be fully completed.

Membership fees: the UfS is offering the following membership fees and packages:
AUB's Cashier accepts payments in both Lebanese Lira and US dollars 
as per the official exchange rate set by Banque Du Liban
  • Term membership fees: $200/individual per term, allowing you to participate i​n as many activities as capacity allows
  • Annual membership fees: $350/individual per year (for two consecutive terms)
  • Couple’s term membership fees: $350/couple per term
  • Couple’s annual membership fees: $650/couple per year (for two consecutive terms)
  • Golden membership fees: this is a life membership gratis for every individual over 85 years of age with 6 consecutive terms at the UfS. 

Payment: Members (or their delegate) are required to pass by the University for Seniors office (Room 411, 4th floor of the Regional External Programs (REP) Building, near the AUB Medical Gate) during registration week to settle their membership fees. They will be given an invoice by the UfS Staff payable in cash or cheque in Lebanese Lira or US dollars at AUB's CASHIER (College Hall building near Main Gate). The membership fees payment entitles you to become a term (or annual) member and thus to participate in the term activities such as study groups, lectures, educational travel programs, specially organized cultural events, and UfS social gatherings. Membership fees are to be settled no later than the first week of the term. If the fees are not paid during that period, membership for the term will be canceled unless a compelling reason is presented to the Program Manager.

Refund and Deferment: In line with AUB and Continuing Education Center (CEC) policies, refund of membership fees is not possible once the term starts. Deferment can be made for one term only when a compelling reason is presented to the Program Manager and no later than the first week of the term. The person whose membership is deferred is automatically considered a member in the following term yet should still register during registration week.

AUB ID card: As per AUB Policy, only AUB ID card holders are granted access to campus. UfS will issue an AUB ID card to members who do not have Alumni or other AUB IDs. To get an ID card, you will need to fill in an application form and bring with you two passport photos and a copy of your Lebanese ID or passport. The card will be valid for one year and costs $7 payable in both Lebanese Lira and US dollars.

Benefits of the ID: Easy campus access, Jafet Library access, 15% discount at Casper and Gambini – Med Café, Charles Hostler Student Center access: (payable in both Lebanese Lira and US dollars)

  • Gym and pool access: $13/visit
  • Pool only: $10/visit
  • Beach only: $10/visit
Guest policy: Term members will be allowed to invite as many guests as they wish (even if they are not seniors) to the offerings classified as "ACTIVITIES OPEN TO THE PUBLIC".​

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