American Univesity of Beirut



"It really has opened up a whole new world for me."

“A university in the original sense – a community of people learning from one another.”

“One should never retire from life.  There is always time to learn more, and also to give more.  This gives meaning to life.”

“I had a great time preparing the presentations, very enriching on all levels!”

“It is an opportunity for seniors to feel capable and full of potential yet to achieve.”

"The University for Seniors is absolutely a beautiful project, so empowering for seniors, learning at all ages can never stop and certainly keeps seniors alive!"

"This is one of the greatest opportunities AUB has offered anyone and everyone."

"Indeed UFS has become our reason for being."

"It is a very worthwhile enterprise that provides a welcome program to a receptive community."

"I have heard so many people praise this initiative, and I would once more like to add my voice to the amazing idea/job of the University of Seniors."

"I said I would take one class a week but now I spend most of the day here. It’s a great initiative."

“For the social media class, our young ‘teachers’ were very good and patient in explaining things.”

"Highly enjoyable and informative, and a great cultural experience in a country that does not offer a lot of cultural events or venues for seniors."

"The fact that I got to share a bit of what I have worked on for so long was very gratifying."

"Your program is life changing"

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