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UfS Class Protocol

​The following protocol and guidelines are in-line with the University for Seniors’ mission to “Provide older adults with educational and cultural opportunities in a sociable environment”. These guidelines have been formulated based on our experience and the detailed evaluations and suggestions of our members over the years.  They ensure that everyone enjoy and benefit from the offerings, while respecting the needs and rights of others.

  • At the beginning of the first session, the leader/lecturer will provide basic information about the course and ‘ground rules’:
    • The format/nature of the class (lecture, small group discussion…).
    • Material to be distributed (if any).
    • Her or his preferences regarding questions, discussion and interruptions.
  • Punctuality: you are urged to plan your travel and parking to arrive 5 minutes prior to class start. Please do not ask your fellow members to reserve a seat for you.

  • Use of mobile phones is strictly forbidden as it is highly disruptive. Please switch off phones or put them on silent.
  • Recording the session(s) on mobiles: Please do NOT use mobiles for the video recording of lectures and presentations because it disturbs other members of the class and requires the lecturer’s approval

  • Leaving class before the end of the session and side talks are strongly not recommended out of consideration for the leaders and lecturers who spend a significant amount of time preparing their sessions and for the other members who are finding it very disturbing and disrupting
  • Your active participation will enrich the class or lecture.  Please note, however, that no one has the right to dominate the question time or discussion. The session moderator will allow one question per person unless time allows for a second round of questions before the end of the session.
  • AUB is an institution that respects freedom of thought and speech, and members are expected to participate in UfS activities in that spirit.
  • If you have any concerns, the UfS Team is always available to discuss them with you. The team is committed to ensure the smooth running of the classes within the framework of AUB’s policies and procedures.

  • Attendance policy
    • Limited capacity - Study groups and trips
      Study groups and trips are, by their nature, unable to accommodate large numbers. Most UfS limited capacity study groups and trips have waiting lists. If you have registered for a study group or trip and then cannot or do not want to attend, please think of your fellow UfS members on the waiting list and inform the UfS team that you no longer want your place. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not show up for the first session of a study group, your place will be given to someone on the waiting list.  For trips, no shows or late cancelations will be required to pay for the trip costs. And out of fairness to all, only those who are registered in limited capacity classes may attend them. Every member will be granted a study group and a trip depending on his/her choices and time of registration.
    • Unlimited capacity - Study groups and Lectures
      All unlimited capacity offering are open to all members of the term. The UfS team will remind the members of these offerings on weekly basis through email and SMS.
    • Open to the public
      Term members will be allowed to invite as many guests as they wish (even if they are not seniors) to the offerings classified as "ACTIVITIES OPEN TO THE PUBLIC".

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