Annual Conference 2019


Displacement and Seeking Refuge As Seen Through Comics
Saturday MARCH 9th 2019 // 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm​
Maamari Auditorium , Olayan School of Business // AUB

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// PANEL 1 // The Landscape and Impact of Graphic Narratives of Displacement and Exile

// Round Table 2 //​ Severe Circumstances and Violent Encounters: Reasons for Leaving and the Perils of the Journey

  • ​Eternal Refuge
    Migo | Art Director and Comics Artist

  • Abir Gasmi | Script Writer and Coordinator 

  • The Last Journey
    Kamal Zakour | Comics artist and Illustrator 

  • The Hoopoe
    Twins Cartoon | Comic Artists and Cultural Managers 

// PANEL 3 // Comics of Displacement as a Critical Tool in Teaching , Research Dissemination and Challenging Gender Norms

  • Histories of Migration Through Comics In the Classroom
    Beeta Baghoolizadeh | Assistant professor of history and African Studies at Bucknell University 

  • A drop in the Ocean ​
    Diala Brisly | Visual Artist 

  • Visitor of The Exile
    Nour Hifaoui | ​Comics Artist 

  • An Ingo Worker Walks into Refugee Camp
    Yazan Saadi | Writer, Researcher, Analyst and Commentator 

  • Being Illegal is Unbearable
    Rawand Issa | Comics Artist and Writer 

  • Home is Where One Starts From
    Diala Brisli | Visual Artist 


The annual symposium serves as a gathering point for the comics and scholarly community at large, with the goal of promoting the study and analysis of comics from the region, expanding the debate surrounding the language of this medium distinct to this area and to encourage the publication of artistic and scholarly works on comics. The symposium gathers international and regional academics and researchers from various disciplines, as well as acclaimed comics and graphic artists and practitioners in the field, in addition to faculty, students and comics enthusiasts.​​​