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Career and Placement Services
Vision, Mission and Confidentiality


          The services help students and AUB graduates in their educational and career choices that maximize life-long impact and promote personal satisfaction.

         The Career and Placement Services, which is part of the Student Affairs Office, provides guidance and resources to students and AUB graduates for their life-long career development by facilitating their exploration of career options and development of effective career life planning skills. It is further committed to assist organizations in meeting their hiring needs for the mutual benefit of students and AUB graduates as well as employers.

         To be effective and successful, the relationship between you and a member of the Career and Placement Services staff must be based on trust to maintain confidentiality. For this reason, we will not release personal information about any student without his/her written consent or in case of life-threatening situations.

This means we will not supply information to:

  1. (1)AUB faculty, staff or administrators;
  2. (2) parents, guardians or other family members;
  3. (3) outside agencies.

Resumes and cover letters will be made available to interested employing firms.

To check available  job vacancies and/or apply, kindly visit AUB Career Portal website.

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