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    What is PEC

    ​All new supplies & devices used at the AUBMC shall be evaluated by the Value Analysis Committee (VAC) for safety, efficacy & cost prior to purchase & approved by the Product Evaluation Committee (PEC).

    PEC Purpose

    • To establish clear guidelines & processes for the introduction of new supply or devices to AUBMC and to provide a mechanism for existing products to be reviewed and analyzed.
    • To improve inventory control, to improve the management of supplies, and to maximize cost effectiveness.
    • To ensure best value of purchased products by meeting user’s satisfaction & realize savings from introducing alternatives products of equivalent or better quality and through cost analysis of present practices and potential changes in methodology to optimize use of resources.
    • To appropriately channel the flow of samples for evaluation.

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    Link to PEC Application

    ​Below you can find a direct link to PEC application.

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    Requests Process

    ​New Item Request

    All end users requesting new supply or device, should fill a new PEC request, and this request is launched into the PEC cycle to reach the final phase where the decision is made for the requested item.


    Purchasing Initiated Request

    The purchasing department conducts regular market search for products used in AUBMC and introduces alternatives through the purchasing initiated PEC requests when  these are found for same or better quality and less prices. The purpose is to  make savings however, the product shall be evaluated by the end user before final decision is made.


    All Complaints pertaining to medical supplies & devices used at the AUBMC shall be investigated promptly by VAC and reported to PEC with appropriate suggested action to be taken.
    Below is detailed process for complaint workflow.


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