MSCHE Standards and Verification of Compliance


MSCHE Standards​​

​The Middle States Commission on Higher Education Accreditation Standards include seven standards which serve as a guide during the self-study. Brief descriptions of each can be found ​below:

Verification of Compliance Report

​The Middle States Commission on Higher Education, as a federally recognized accreditor, is obligated to ensure that its candidate and member institutions comply with accreditation-relevant federal regulations.

AUB must respond to the MSCHE Verification of Compliance Regulations​​ in several areas of focus.

Areas of focus

1. Student identity verification in distance and correspondence education
2. Transfer of credit policies and articulation agreements
3. Title IV program responsibilities
4. Institutional records of student complaints
5. Required information for students and the public
6. Standing with state and other accrediting agencies
7. Contractual relationships
8. Assignment of credit hours