American University of Beirut

Members 2020-21

President Fadlo Khuri, Chair
Interim Provost Lina Choueiri, Chair in the absence of the President
Secretary of the Senate: Associate Professor George Saad


Ex-Officio Members (Voting)
Interim Dean Abla Sibai
Dean Alan Shihadeh
Interim Dean Ghazi Zaatari
Interim Dean Leila Farhoud
Dean Nadia El-Cheikh
Dean Rabi Mohtar
Interim Dean Yusuf Sidani

Ex-Officio Members (Non-Voting)
Vice Provost and Registrar Bradley Tucker
Vice President for Advancement Imad Baalbaki
Vice President for Administration Mary Jaber Nachar
Dean of Student Affairs Talal Nezameddin


Term Ends August 31st of:
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
1. Assoc. Professor Anies Al-Hroub (2023)
2. Assoc. Professor Anzhela Harutyunyan* (2023)
3. Assoc. Professor Gregory Burris (2022)
4. Asst. Professor Hala Auji (2023)
5. Assoc. Professor Houssam El Rassy (2021)
6. Asst. Professor May Farah (2021)
7. Professor Najat Saliba (2021)
8. Professor Rabih Sultan (2023)
9. Professor Samih Isber (2021)
10. Assoc. Professor Tamer Amin (2022)
Faculty of Medicine
1. Professor Ali Abu-Alfa* (2023)
2. Professor Elie Al-Chaer* (2023)
3. Assoc. Professor Farid Talih (2021)
4. Assoc. Professor Mona Nasrallah (2023)
5. Assoc. Professor Salah Zen-el-dine (2023)
6. Professor Samir Mallat (2023)
7. Assoc. Professor Tony Bazi (2021)
Rafik Hariri School of Nursing
1. Assoc. Professor Hala Darwish (Fall 2022)
2. Assoc. Professor Nuhad Dumit* (2023)
Faculty of Health Sciences
1. Assoc. Professor Nada Melhem* (2023)
2. Assoc. Professor Rima Nakkash (2022)
Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
1. Assoc. Professor George Saad (2022)
2. Professor Karim Kabalan (2021)
3. Professor Leila Musfi (2023)
4. Professor Riad Chedid (2022)
Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
1. Assoc. Professor Ali Chalak* (2021)
2. Asst. Professor Hadi Jaafar (2022)
3. Assoc. Professor Mohamad Abiad* (2021)
Olayan School of Business
1. Asst. Prof. Alain Daou (2023)
2. Assoc. Professor Fida Afiouni ​(2023)

1.  The Senate includes 38 voting members and 4 ex-officio non-voting members.
2.  A minimum of 20 voting members are needed for a quorum.
* 3.  Names marked with an asterisk denote a senator serving a second consecutive term. Term limits for senate members should normally be no more than two consecutive terms, with a break of at least one term (three years) before becoming eligible to be nominated to serve again.

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