Supplemental Material

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Documents on Tenure

  • Vest report, June 2006
  • President's Taskforce on Tenure report, December 2007
  • Senate discussions on tenure (excerpts from minutes), January-February 2008
  • Senate Ad-Hoc Committee statement on tenure, February 2008
  • Excerpts from The Questions of Tenure, edited by Richard P. Chait, Harvard Univ. Press (2002)
    • Chapter 1: "Why Tenure, Why Now?" by Richard P. Chait
    • Chapter 3: "Does Faculty Governance Differ at Colleges with Tenure and Colleges without Tenure?" by Richard P. Chait
    • Chapter 5: " What Happened to the Tenure Track?" by Roger G. Baldwin and Jay L. Chronister
    • Chapter 7: "Can Colleges Competitively Recruit Faculty without the Prospect of Tenure?" by Cathy A. Trower
    • Chapter 9: "Why is Tenure One College's Problem and Another's Solution?" by William T. Mallon