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The University for Seniors (UfS) is unlike other adult education programs in that one joins the program and becomes part of a community. Membership is open to persons over 50 years of age, and enables them to register for study groups and to participate in other academic, cultural and social events. UfS charges membership fees to partly cover the running cost of the program. Currently the membership fee is (under revision) for members residing in Lebanon and $300 for those residing outside of Lebanon per term; it allows members to participate in as many activities as capacity allows.



The UfS is an independent program under AUB's Faculty of Health Sciences.

  • The Steering Committee is composed of the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, the UfS co-founders and two faculty members from AUB.  It is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the University for Seniors, project development and strategic planning, in collaboration with the University for Seniors Manager.
  • The University for Seniors Manager is responsible for the continuous functioning of the program.  The Manager is a university employee and reports to the UfS Steering Committee.  The UfS Manager acts as the liaison between the Faculty of Health Sciences and the University for Seniors members. 
  • Committees: All dues paying members of the University for Seniors are encouraged to participate in the governance of the program through committee membership. The program currently has two fully functioning committees: the Curriculum Committee and the Social Committee.

Curriculum Committee​

Working towards fulfilling our core principles of peer learning and intergenerational connections, this committee:

  • Plans, organizes and schedules the terms
  • Ensures a balance in variety of offerings
  • Actively reaches out to prospective leaders and lecturers and encourages them to submit a proposal
  • Works with the University for Seniors Program Manager in monitoring the implementation and evaluation of the term as well as monitoring any complaints that may arise in classes and the required problem solving
  • Offers intellectual and practical support to study group leaders and lecturers, as requested 
Working towards fulfilling our guiding principle of community building, the Social committee aids in creating a community spirit among the members through organizing events and social functions. this committee:

  • Prepares the quarterly calendar of functions/events/off term trips
  • Plans and coordinates approved functions/events/off term trips
  • Develops database to track invitations and attendance for each event

Institutional Committee

In order to institutionalize the University for Seniors and insure sustainability and proper functioning, the Institutional Committee

  • Drafts contextually appropriate University for Seniors By-Laws based on the UfS experience to date and a review of best practices from programs abroad
  • Develops and maintains related Policies & Procedures
  • Creates the Members’ Handbook containing the relevant sections from the By-Laws, Policies & Procedures and others
  • Revises bylaws/policies & procedures/handbook as needed with input from UfS staff and the relevant committees​
In the near future, several other committees will be established to enhance seniors' participation in the UfS governance.  By-laws and policies are now being drafted.

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