Access to Quality Health Care Services

​​​​Primary Healthcare (PHC) facilities are fundamental components of health systems given that they provide the citizens living within their catchment areas with a wide array of cost-effective preventive and curative services. A well-established PHC system decreases unnecessary use of secondary and tertiary health services among the citizens thus reducing their out-of-pocket health spending. This is of extreme importance in the city of Beirut where around 716 families are living under the minimum poverty line and are considered the poorest in the whole country.



Program Objectives
B-HSP brings in effective reform and development measures as an endeavor to strengthen the infrastructure of primary healthcare units governed by the Municipality of Beirut and enhance equitable access and provision of good quality health services.

B-HSP covers 3 stratgeic tracks:
Track 1: Enhancing the Access of Beirutis to Quality Healthcare Services
Track 2: Improving the Quality of Care Provided at Municipality of Beirut’s Health Units 
Track 3: Enhancing the Effectiveness of the Emergency Medical Services in Beirut


SAHATI - صحتي
Health Support Card for Beirutis - بطاقة الدعم الصحي لأهالي بيروت