Rebuilding Health Post-Conflict: A Dialogue for the Future


As the conflict in the Arab world start to subside, or even before, the key upcoming challenge will be the reconstruction of healthcare in order to meet the needs of populations and foster new-born trust and legitimacy through the transition from war to peace.  
This is a significant undertaking that would require major investments that are beyond financial to include planning capacity, human capital and infrastructural mapping and engineering
The American University of Beirut’s Office for Strategic Health Initiatives will organize and host the “Rebuilding Health Post-Conflict: A Platform for Dialogue” Conference. The Conference is intended to create a scientific forum in which key stakeholders in the health industry come together with international organizations, governments, donors and societal representatives to start the path of actively assessing rebuilding needs and coordination of efforts.


To provide a platform for dialogue on health planning among stakeholders and pave the way for post-conflict health reconstruction


American University of Beirut (AUB) – Office of Strategic Health Initiatives (SHI)


American University of Beirut – West Hall​