How to get involved?


The Center for Systematic Reviews in Health Policy and Systems Research (SPARK) offers opportunities to individuals to get involved at different stages of systematic reviews and various SPARK activities.​

Who can be involved?

  • Students and Graduates from AUB and other universities
  • Researchers from AUB and other universities
  • Policymakers and Stakeholders
  • Media
  • Civil Society members

How to get involved?

  • Sytematic Review groups: Interested individuals can be part of review teams that conduct Systematic Reviews.
  • Priority setting exercises: Policymakers and Stakeholders can take part in priority setteing exercises to prioritize topics of interest. 

Why Get Involved?

  • Experience and Competencies: The center offers individuals the opportunity to gain experience and enhance competencies in conducting Systematic Reviews of Health Policy and Systems Research.
  • Publications: Working with us offers individuals the chance to contribute to SPARK’s publications.
  • Thesis Opportunities: The Center enables students who are interested to  conduct their thesis in the area of Systematic Reviews of Health Policy and Systems Research.
  • Internships: The Center provides o​pportunities for graduates to begin their professional experience through internships.

Who to contact?