AUB Student Community Involvement


In April, a student debate on tobacco control was organized by the AUB-TCRG in collaboration with the university’s environmental club. The event was preceded by a photography contest. There was an urge to take a public stand on the current debate in parliament to enact a public smoking ban for indoor places. They issued a statement that was published by a number of the local newspapers.

Another event was a movie projection event at AUB that was organized by AUB-TCRG and the AUB Wellness committee. The movie titled: ‘Making a Killing’ talked about the dirty business of the tobacco industry, and it was followed by a discussion facilitated by Dr. Norbert Hirschhorn (Advisor of AUB-TCRG) and a Lebanese journalist Ms. Rania Baroud (vice president of Tobacco Free Initiative- TFI).


This event aimed at raising awareness among students to the harm caused by the tobacco industry and debating this matter amongst themselves and with present advocates. It was published on AUB news highlights: Click here​