Advocating for a strong tobacco control law in Lebanon

​​​In February 2010, in collaboration with two civic non-governmental organizations, Tobacco Free Initiative-Lebanon and INDYACT, the AUB-TCRG issued a position statement through a press conference titled: “Advocating for a strong tobacco control law in Lebanon”, that was held at the Faculty of Health Sciences, at AUB.

The objective of the conference was to announce to the public through the media and to policymakers that the law under discussion was currently not in line with FCTC and with best research evidence. An assertive call for issuing and adopting a strong and effective tobacco control policy in Lebanon was voiced through a credible and prestigious university. The entire Lebanese parliament was invited, NGOs, AUB students and community, and the media.

Only one parliamentarian, attended in addition to two parliamentarians’ representatives and the deputy general of the Ministry of Health. This event was intensively covered by the media. It was picked up in 31 local and regional newspapers, different news websites, and AUB news highlights.