Monique Chaaya

Professor and Chair
Department of Epidemiology and Population Health​​

Epidemiology and Population Health
Faculty of Health Sciences
American University of Beirut
Van Dyck Building
PO Box 11-0236
Beirut, Lebanon 
Office: Room 205 A, Van Dyck
Tel: 961 1 350000 ext. 4649/4640


  • Dr.PH (1998) Johns Hopkins University, United States of America


  • Mental health of older adult populations
  • War and mental health
  • Mental health among postpartum women
  • Maternal Smoking
  • Narghileh smoking


  • The determinants and consequences of smoking the Narghile: Extending the research agenda: A study on parents knowledge, behavior and attitudes towards narghile smoking (Chaaya M.& Mahfoud Z.).
  • Prevalence and risk factors of Rheumatic conditions in Lebanon: a pilot study in south of Lebanon.
  • Role of low impact Exercise on Marginalized Women with Psychological Distress.
  • Postpartum Interventions: Can we facilitate the transition into motherhood?​​