Press Conference on the “Economic effect of tobacco in Lebanon”


The second press conference was in response to the most repeated argument that Lebanon loses money from tobacco control. The report summarized the research of two economics professors at AUB who are supportive of Tobacco Control and are new members of the AUB-TCRG.

A three months study was conducted to produce evidence that in fact Lebanon loses money from Tobacco use. These findings were disseminated in May 2010, a press conference at AUB to launch the report on the “Economic effect of tobacco in Lebanon” in collaboration with the Issam Fares Institute of Public Policy and International Affairs (IFI). All 128 parliamentarians were invited to the press conference in addition to media, and other concerned stakeholders.

Only three parliamentarians attended, in addition to a number of ministry representatives and the media. The seminar was opened by AUB’s Provost highlighting the importance of research and knowledge transfer to influence policymaking. The event was highly publicized for in the media, as 24 articles were picked up through the media round up in local and regional newspapers and news websites. The whole seminar can be found on You Tube AUB channel.