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    As part of the "Testing Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking Prevention and Intervention (Programs) to Generate Best Practices int he Region" project, AUB-TCRG organized a workshop entitled: "Towards Interventions for Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking: A writing Proposal workshop" on May 12-13, 2014 with the participation of  25 tobacco control researchers from the region.

    • Evaluation of the impact of pictorial warning on cigarette packs on initiation of smoking and quitting intentions (Health Warning Presentation-Iran)
    • Controlling use of narghile smoking Testing the impact of Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) of a School-based prevention program  (Read more)​

    • Generating evidence to support policies for raising taxes on tobacco products in Lebanon (Tobacco Lecture) (Elasticity Definition)

    • Determinants and consequences of smoking the waterpipe: An extended research agenda
    • Smoke-free policies in Lebanon: Lessons learned from existing experiences and recommendations for the future
    • Exploring attitudes towards women’s waterpipe smoking


    ​Database for waterpipe tobacco smoking literature

    Selected publications since 2003

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