World No Tobacco Day


On the occasion of WHO World No Tobacco Day 2010, AUB-TCRG organized a seminar on “Gender and Tobacco” with an emphasis on marketing tobacco products to women and girls. More than 80 NGO’s were contacted and asked to pledge their support of WNTD theme and agree to have their name printed on the invitation card as sign of support.

The First Lady was contacted initially to sponsor the seminar however she refused. Support of a former First Lady was then sought. Her opening speech was based on evidence and data provided to her by the AUB-TCRG.

The seminar was open to the public and was supported by over 45 Lebanese NGO’s and attended by over 150 people, the President and Provost of AUB. The petition was also announced in the event and members attending got the chance to sign it as they left. The news about the seminar was published in 15 local newspapers and news websites, in addition the AUB news highlights.