Smoking Cessation Support

​​​​​​​Below, you can read interesting information brochures and helpful tips on quitting smoking:​​​

The Smoking Cessation Program at AUB: for support, call extension 8030.  You can also read here some interesting success stories from AUB people who quit smoking after benefiting from the program:

- Dina admits that the best thing that ever happened to her is quitting smoking, and she owes it to the Smoking Cessation Program that Dr. Umaya Musharafieh referred her to.  It was her January 2016 New Year resolution after smoking for 20 years.  To read more…​

- Mohamad picked up smoking in his early 20s when he went to college, a great place to meet new people and catch habits" he said.  Years later, being a father of three who wanted to set a good example for his children, and, with AUB issuing a Non-Smoking Policy, Mohamad decided to quit smoking.  To read more… ​

- Hadi thought he could never quit smoking because he wasn't strong enough to handle it by himself.  He lived in much stress because a poison was controlling him.  He decided to seek the help of professionals and went to the Smoking Cessation Program.  To read mo​re…​

Smoking Cessation Video