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Evidence-Based Healthcare Management Unit (EHMU)

EMHU is a cross-disciplinary research unit based in the Faculty of Medicine at AUB and includes members from OSB, FHS, HSON, FEA, and AUBMC. EHMU was launched in 2010 and aims to contribute to the development, improvement and strengthening of management and leadership in healthcare settings through the promotion of evidence-based decision making both academically and practically.


PhD Residency

Development Services
​EHMU hosts international PhD student residencies in Cross-cultural Healthcare Management in collaboration with other educational institutions. Click here to learn more...EHMU offers development services for the healthcare community at large by assisting hospitals identify their deficiencies and guiding them through the process of quality improvement.  Click here to learn more…            
Management Support
Through work study opportunities, internships, volunteering opportunities, graduate assistantships, and professional mentorship in final year projects Click here to learn more...       At EHMU, you can be a research assistant or enroll in a non-student internship in order to learn and apply skills in healthcare management. Click here to learn more…
EHMU collaborates with faculty members from AUB to operationalize its vision and achieve its ultimate goal and share its research all over the world. AUB Faculty member can be affiliates or collaborators at EHMU! Click here to learn more... 


Featured News

  • On Monday May 15th and Tuesday May 16th, EHMU team, led by Dr. Lina Daouk-Oyry, conducted a retreat at the Specialized Medical Rehabilitation Hospital (SMRH). Click here to learn more...
  • Our own Business Analyst Ms. Line Reda is leading one of the pivotal teams planning the ACC processes as part of the 2020 vision! She is in charge of the redesign of ACC's new processes.

New Research

  • Lina Daouk-Öyry, EHMU's director along with Maya Khalil, MHRM, Tina Sahakian, MA, Miriam Saliba, MPH, Rima Jabbour, RN, and Eveline Hitti, MD, MBA published a research paper titled “Nurse-Led Competency Model for Emergency Medicine Physicians: A Qualitative Study"
  • Lina Daouk-Öyry, EHMU's director along with Dr Ghazi Zaatari, Tina Sahakian, Boushra Rahal Alameh, and Nabil Mansour published a research paper titled “Developing a Competency Framework for Academic Physicians" in Medical Teacher.
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