Research Integrity

​​​AUB is committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity fundamental to all research activity.  Thus, all investigators, including students, faculty, staff, scholars and trainees, should become familiar with AUB's rules, guidelines, and policies related to the responsible conduct of research. 

AUB Rules and Regulations Relevant for Research Integrity

Included are topics such as principles of ethical conduct, intellectual property, authorship, conflict of interest, etc., which apply to research in all fields:

University Policy and Procedures Concerning Research Misconduct

Principles of Ethical Conduct

Code of Business Ethics

Intellectual Property Policy

Arbitration of Authorship Disputes

Conflict​ of Inte​rest

Reporting of Research Misconduct

Research misconduct is a serious concern with ethical and legal implications. The provost is the institutional officer to whom all reports of research misconduct allegations are submitted, as per the University Policy and Procedures Concerning Research Misconduct.

Safe Reporting of Research Misconduct

AUB has established a Safe ​Reporting Policy to encourage the reporting of conduct in violation of the university's ethical standards while protecting the identity of the person making the report to the extent possible. ​