Department of Physics
  • Physics has allowed the understanding of the universe around us from cosmological scales down to the scale of atom and nucleus. It has initiated many fields of application like lasers, computers, telecommunication devices, energy systems, and space science.

    ​​​​​​​The program leading to the Bachelor of Science emphasizes the fundamental concepts in physics and their roles in a variety of disciplines, in a liberal arts setting, which is aligned with AUB’s mission statement. The educational focus of the Physics Department is to provide the students with high quality instruction in theoretical and experimental Physics. Consequently, theoretical courses, together with computer modeling experience and a comprehensive set of laboratory experiments, introduce the students to various methods of inquiry and research in physics. The emphasis is not only on subject instruction, but also on the development of communication skills, teamwork as well as critical and analytical thinking. The program is designed to graduate well-rounded, free-thinking individuals with inquisitive minds who are well prepared for further study in basic and applied research and are capable of pursuing professional careers in a variety of diverse fields.​