Office of Protection


The Office of Protection is responsible for the security of AUB Green Campus, the buildings of the Medical Campus, and one off –campus women’s dorm. It also acts as the liaison office with the official Lebanese security authorities. The Office of Protection ensures a quiet and safe atmosphere so that faculty, students, and staff can carry out their duties smoothly. The Office of Protection works around the clock all days of the year to maintain security by guarding the entrances of the campus and by patrolling buildings and grounds in order to apply regulations and to report violations to the departments concerned. The Office of Protection responds to all kinds of emergencies and building alarms. The Office of Protection encourages students, faculty, and staff to report any incident and to seek help in maintaining order ​and security on campus.


The mission of the Office of Protection is to provide the highest possible level of security and protection at the American University of Beirut. This means offering support to all units of the University to enable them to fulfill their missions without any feeling of fear or danger, through the strict application of AUB policies and procedures, adhering to the full respect for human rights.

​Contact Information

Office of Protection, Main Gate Building, 00961-1-350000 Extension: 2400

Office Hours

24 hours a day