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Library Databases Subscriptions, 2016

​​​The University Libraries is always on the lookout to subscribe to new and specialized databases in order to best support research and teaching at AUB.

In 2016, the UL has expanded its subscription to more databases, covering an array of subject areas and types of material.

We invite you to explore these databases and to enjoy the exclusive access you have to them.

Below is a listing of the databases we have subscribed to during 2016.

To learn more about a database, visit our List of Databases and read more under the “i” icon of each database or contact Jafet Library via email on or by phone on extensions 2620/1/9. 

  1. Taylor & Francis Medical Package

  2. Handbook of Oriental Studies

  3. Translated Texts from Historians

  4. ISS Directors data from WRDS

  5. Foreign Office Files for the M.E. 1971-1981

  6. ExuComp from WRDS

  7. Evidence Analysis Library

  8. Biomedical engineering Handbook

  9. Academy of Management Journals

  10. Church Missionary Society Periodicals

  11. Mideastwire  (Subscription took over from CAMES & CASAR)

  12. Building Types Online

  13. Psychiatry online

  14. Middle East & Islamic Studies Journal Collections

  15. Anthropological Literature

  16. Middle Eastern Manuscripts Online 3 (MEMO:3)

  17. Access Neurology Collection

  18. Access Obgyn Collection

  19. Case Files

  20. Taylor & Francis Medical Package

  21. Handbook of Oriental Studies

  22. Translated Texts from Historians

  23. Building Types Online

  24. Foreign relations of the United states

  25. Sage Videos

  26. Arabic Literature of Africa Online

  27. Coptic Gnostic Library Online

  28. Classic Arabic Texts Online

  29. TCRT2: Islam (Twentieth Century Religious Thought. Volume 2: Islam)

  30. Gazetteer of the Persian Gulf, Oman & Central Arabia

  31. Christian Muslim Relations 600-1900

  32. Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology (2nd edition)

  33. WBIZ Arab Islamic archives

  34. Comprehensive Organic Synthesis (2nd edition)

  35. Hormones, brain and behavior (3rd edition)

  36. Meyler’s side effects of drugs (16th edition)

  37. Treatise on geochemistry

  38. Current biography illustrated

  39. Encyclopedia of environmental health

  40. Oxford Classical Dictionary

  41. Open Editions Journals

  42. SPIE Digital Library

  43. BECO

  44. Encyclopedia of Hebrew language and linguistics online

  45. Vocabulary for the study of religion online

  46. JSTOR Arts & Sciences XV

  47. MSCI GMI rating CEO, companies, directorship

  48. MSCI ESG KLD stats

  49. DeGruyter Backfiles purchase of Journals + 3 years journals subscription agreement

  50. F1000

  51. International bibliography of art

  52. PsycTests

  53. History of Science Technology and medicine

  54. TLG Thesaurus Lingua Graecae

  55. SAE Academic Digital Content

Also, here is the list of e-book collections purchased by the UL during 2016:

  1. Royal Society of Chemistry e-books 2016

  2. Edward Elgar 2016 & all non-purchased years 2013 and before along with Law pkg.

  3. Wiley e-books (610) + MRW + 4 book series

  4. Geoscience World 1926-2015

  5. Middle East e-books from Taylor & Francis from Early 20th century -2018

  6. Early Arabic Printed Books from the British Library

  7. MIT press e-books Library in IEEE Explore

  8. World scientific -2018

  9. Cambridge companions

  10. Cambridge humanities, social sciences, and STM e-books collections 2016 only

  11. Duke University Press till 2016

  12. Sage Knowledge 2015 & 2016

  13. DeGruyter -2018

  14. DeGruyter University Presses partners till 2016

  15. Biblical studies from Brill

  16. Early English books

  17. Early European Books Collection

  18. Oxford Scholarly editions online 1485-1901

  19. University Press Scholarship Online (Oxford)

  20. Oxford Handbooks Online

  21. Open Editions e-books till 2016

  22. Brill e-books collection

  23. Taylor and Francis e-books 1887-2016

  24. Routledge handbooks online 2014-2016

  25. Wiley IEEE 2015 & 2016

  26. Elsevier e-books

  27. ACS Symposium series front file

  28. American Mathematical Society e-books

  29. Karger e-books 2015-2017

  30. Safari business books ( 5 years subscription)​

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