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​​​​                                      2023-2024 Membership Fees (in USD)​

3 months​​​
6 months
Faculty & Staff
​Student Dependent

Participation Waiver

 By submitting this application to join the CHSC, I am indicating that I have read and agree to all of the information listed under the membership program and I do hereby declare that I have decided to participate with full knowledge that injury may be sustained during participation. I therefore hereby exonerate the AUB from any and all liability and damage of whatsoever nature direct or indirect that may arise to me or to my heirs as a result of joining the  Center and further undertake to keep the AUB harmless from any claims that may be lodged against the university, its board members, its officers, and its staff by third parties as a result of my participation.​​​​​​

Membership information

  • An annual membership is valid from July 01, 2023, through June 30, 2024.
  • The new month billing cycle begins on the 26th of each month for all categories. Kindly wait until after the 26th before joining or you will expect to be billed for the entire current month
  • Monthly membership payment options include cash or online via Stripe. Please be aware that the payroll deduction plan is not currently active.
  • You may settle your monthly membership fee in cash USD at the CHSC main desk starting Monday, August 28. However, for long-term memberships, please continue to settle the fees at the cashier's office in College Hall
  • Clients wishing to apply for more than 1 month can choose between either a lump sum cash at the cashier's office or an online lump cash payment.
  • Non-payment after 7 days from the date of submitting an application results in membership cancellation.
  • Two semi-annual memberships are offered: the first ends on December 31 of the current year and the second on June 30 of the following year. Fees will be prorated automatically based on the remaining months
  • A dependent is determined as the spouse and children of the applicant
  • A student's dependents are his/her spouse and child
  • Alumni and guests are kindly asked to upload a copy of their AUB IDs and their family extract when they are adding a dependent(s). Sponsors are also kindly asked to upload a copy of the guest's national ID/passport and family extract
  • If you wish to add a dependent when your membership is still active, please choose “No" for the field “Include Self"
  • Dependents of faculty, staff, students, retirees, and alumni will be charged half the amount of the main applicant
  • Alumni who are applying for the first time are kindly asked to send an email to and attach a copy of their AUB alumni ID number in order to receive a username and password
  • Dependents can apply independently from the main applicant. However, one of the dependents will pay the full amount of the membership
  • Guests who have no direct affiliation with AUB may join only upon being sponsored by a senior AUB administrator or full-time faculty member and also upon securing the approval of the Director of the CHSC 
  • The sponsor is kindly asked to send a brief background information about the guest
  • Members who are 12 years old and younger are restricted to the locker rooms, gymnasium floor (basketball court), tennis courts, squash courts, and pool. They must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Membership is free to all active AUB students with a valid ID.
  • Only people directly affiliated with AUB such as full-time research assistants, part-time faculty and staff, and visiting professors can benefit from the faculty and staff monthly rate

Facility Access

  • CHSC members will have access to all of the facilities at times when they are available for general use and in accordance with the established policy of the CHSC and the Priority Use of Facility.  It should be understood that the gymnasium, the Nadim Khalaf Tennis Courts, the Greenfield, and the pool, may not be available for general membership use, primarily in the evening after 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (except in summer months) due to students' programs.

Reimbursement Policy

  • Please note that the purchase of membership is final and non-refundable nor extendable. We encourage you to carefully consider your purchase before completing your transaction. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team who will be happy to assist you
  • Kindly be advised that the CHSC administration will not reimburse a membership if one or more of our facilities are closed for routine maintenance or because of a Force Majeure
  • Kindly be advised that prices may vary without prior notice

Parking Space

  • Parking spaces are only available to annual and semi-annual members | Mon to Fri after 5:00 PM, Sat and Sun all day if the parking opens) 


We kindly urge everyone to adhere to the guidelines set by CHSC. In accordance with the CHSC Director's recommendation and the Dean of Student Affairs approval, any member found in violation of the published rules and policies of the CHSC, Greenfield, Nadim Khalaf's Tennis Courts, and the AUB Beach might be denied access to and use of the facilities. In cases where classifications are not explicitly defined, the CHSC and the Dean of Student Affairs will make the final decision.​

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