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 How to Reclaim Your Purpose and Elevate Your Leadership Influence

​​Micheline Nader (BS ’76, MPH ’78), healthcare entrepreneur and the author of The Dolphin’s Dance: Discover Your True Self Through a Powerful 5-step Journey Into Conscious Awareness, gave a motivational presentation on Saturday, March 6. Nader’s workshop was one of three alumnae-led workshops that followed immediately after the main AUB4Women – Celebrating 100 years of coeducation at AUB event, which featured keynote speaker Queen Noor.​

On two occasions during her interactive presentation, Nader asked a series of questions to help listeners reclaim their purpose and elevate their leadership influence. These exercises prompted some wonderful exchanges between Nader and the audience.

Nader noted that all of us – like Canadian geese – have an “innate ability” for leadership. She went on to describe how Canadian geese fly in a distinctive V-shape formation and that different geese take turns leading the flock. Human beings also have that innate ability. We all can – and should – “lead ourselves,” said Nader. 

Nader spoke during her presentation about the evolution of women leaders in our world: “it’s happening,” she said, predicting that this trend would continue. “We need to enable women to step up and start designing the world that they want their kids and grandkids to live in,” she said. 

Nader provided useful advice about how to overcome the obstacles that keep too many of us from achieving our “leadership dream.” She pointed to three obstacles in particular: our inner critical voice, emotion-set (such as fear of failure and procrastination), and lack of execution. She told some wonderful stories from her career demonstrating how she had turned what had been a failure into a valuable life lesson. “Failure is bound to happen. It’s actually great that it happens – if you learn the lesson and know how to reframe it,” she said. “What’s most important is not to let it stop you from rebounding and taking action.”

She urged everyone to create a personal and precise mission statement – something that, she admitted, she never thought she would do herself. “The importance of the mission statement,” said Nader, “is that it directs our actions.”

Nader did acknowledge, however, that sometimes “we have to do what we have to do.” If you’re not passionate about your current role, Nader urges that you “take at least 10 minutes from your daily life dedicated to doing what you love.” With time, she predicted, your passion will lead you to your purpose. 

You can watch Micheline Nader’s presentation here​.

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