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Arabic Oriental Music Studies (Instrument) Certificate


This certificate program aims to provide to a diverse public (different ages and generations) with no previous musical knowledge, a basic appreciation and practice of Arabic and Oriental m​usic in its various aspects: theory, history, voice, and instruments (wind, string, and percussion).​​​

Course Description

  • CMUS 106 – Oriental Music Instrument: Theory and Practice I

This course is the first in the series of courses intended to train students to play an oriental instrument (wind, string, percussion) and/or its Western equivalent when possible. It will focus on the technical foundations of playing that instrument, and introduce the main Arabic maqams, exercising on each maqam and get acquainted with the different forms of Arabic instrumental music compositions such as: Wasla and Doulab.

  • CMUS 107 – Oriental Music Instrument: Theory and Practice II

This course is a continuation of CMUS 103. The main focus here is exercising on mawams based on Hijaz: Hijaz Zanjaran, and Hijaz Kar, Shadd Araban and Shahnaz. Students will get acquainted with two more forms of Arabic vocal compositions such as: Muwashah and Qad and the Arabic instrumental music composition the Maqtou'a Mousiqiyya

  • CMUS 203 – Oriental Music Instrument: Theory and Practice III

A continuation of CMUS 104 with a mainfocus on exercising on maqams based on Kurd, Rast and the derived maqams from Rast, like: Suznak and Nairuz. Students will get acquainted with two more forms of Arabic music compositions such as: Samai, Bashraf & Taqsim.

  • CMUS 204 – Oriental Music Instrument: Theory and Practice IV

A continuation of CMUS 201. Our main focus here is exercising Bayati, Siga, Raht el Arwah and Siga Baladi and again learning repertoire from our rich Near-Eastern vocal and instrumental music heritage based on those main Arabic mawams. In this course, students will get acquainted with different vocal forms such as Tahmila, Longa & Taqsim. ​​

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