FSEC 305: Field Visit to West Bekaa

​AUB Food Security Program students enrolled in ​FSEC 305: Agriculture: Technology, Supply Chains, Sustainability visited the West Bekaa area as part of an outreach activity arranged by Dr. Shady Hamadeh and the Environment and Sustainable Development Unit (ESDU) in an effort to visit different local community development projects. Students were introduced to different community development project​​s that are being implemented in the West Bekaa area. Also, students had a chance to visit households and explore their current livelihood status. 

Main Activities were as following:​

  1. Visit to a training session on Dairy production in Kamed El Loz
  2. Visit to a training session​ on Freekeh processing in Saghbine
  3. Visit to Saghbine demo-plot (Deir Ein El Jaouze)​
  4. Traditional Lunch in Ein Zebde