Conference Proceedings

​Proceedings for four of the six international conferences that CASAR has organized and sponsored are currently available for purchase. The proceedings for our most recent event in the CASAR conference series, the International Symposium: Localizing Transnational American Studies, are forthcoming in the Fall of 2019.​

Orders from North America, Europe, and other regions 

Orders from the Middle East and North Africa 

For orders in Lebanon please visit Antoine Bookstore or contact us.

america in the ME book cover.jpgAmerica in the Middle East: The Middle East in America (2007)

liberty and justice book cover.jpgLiberty and Justice: America and the Middle East (2009)

connections and ruptures book cover.jpgConnections and Ruptures: America and The ME (2011)

ShiftingBorders placeholder.jpg

Shifting Borders: America and the Middle East/North Africa (2014)