Student Government


​​​​Student Representative Committee (SRC)   

The SRC is the student representative committee, elected  by the  student body within 6 to 8 weeks of the start of the Fall semester of each academic year.

Each of the University’s seven faculties/schools elects a Student Representative Committee (SRC).

University Student Faculty Committee (USFC)​

The University Student Faculty Committee (USFC) is dedicated to motivate the student body and enhance campus life. The USFC operates as a liaison between the student body and administration.

It represents all students at the university and provides a forum for expression, discussion and action concerning student rights, privileges and opinions. With the duty to promote and ensure the general welfare of all AUB students, the committee adheres to the university’s laws and policies by encouraging personal responsibility and transparency. The USFC plans and participates in social and organizational activities as appropriate to the student body.

Each of the five faculties of the University and the School of Business is represented in the committee by elected students (19) and  faculty (6) members from that faculty or school. The USFC serves as the central student government.​