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What is a society?

A society is a student organization associated with the academic departments they belong to (ex. Economics Student Society, Computer Science Society). They may also be formed by residents of a residence hall at AUB (ex. Penrose Hall Society, New Women’s Residence Society).

How to join a society?

Any current registered AUB student can join a student organization by registering using the online system through aubsis and membership fees will be added to the tuition. A student can be a member in three clubs and two societies only.

How is the cabinet of a society constituted?

The cabinet of a society consists of 4 members: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member at Large as part of a wider executive committee of at least 7 members. The cabinet of a society consists of the above 4 members in addition to other 4 representatives of each class year. A student can be a cabinet member of maximum two clubs or two societies or one club and one society.The process of changing clubs' cabinet begins every year in April The election process follows the procedures of the Roberts Rules Order and is supervised either by the society's adviser or by a representative from the Office of Student Affairs.

A "Society's day" is organized by student clubs at the beginning of the Fall semester to promote their clubs and recruit new members.

How to form a new student organization?​

Students have the choice to initiate or reactivate a new society . The steps to be followed for beginning a new society ​are indicated on the "New Student Organization Regstration Form" below. The requirements needed must be submitted before one semester (summer semester doesn't count). The student organization cannot start operating until approval is granted the beginning of the semester following the submission of the proposal. ​​

Event Planning

Societies are given the choice to plan and create events that support their societie​'s mission. Organizing an event, however, is a complex challenge that requires a set of elements for them to be successful. For you to succeed, you should set your priorities, plan, adhere to your goals, use a systematic approach, and most importantly commit. Events are made to make an impression where each and every event should come with a goal, or an objective and should be consistent with AUB's image. Societies members and corresponding cabinets hold general meetings to prepare and organize relevant on/off campus activities, which require a prior approval from the office of Student Affairs. 

All student activities organized on- or off-campus must be approved by the Department of Student Activities and the Dean of Student Affairs.​​

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