Our mission & history
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"It may be possible to forget a great many things about our years at AUB, but I doubt that anyone could ever forget the beautiful garden that was our campus." - Anonymous


Our Mission

The AUB Botanic Garden has a three-pronged mission that will guide its work for the coming years.


First, it is committed to the conservation of the living environment that makes up a large proportion of the AUB campus.


Second, it seeks to educate members of the community, both within and outside of AUB, about the natural environment with which we co-exist and the importance of preserving this environment for future generations.


Third, it aims to increase the appreciation of the campus as a sanctuary for living things and to serve as a model for a sustainable relationship between people and nature.

Our Vision

  • Less water demand
  • Natural green
  • Accessiblity to the public
  • Wide range of learning opportunities
  • All season garden
  • Sustainable Green Campus
  • Passages
  • Increased green areas and green roofs
  • Administrative regulations for campus growth and participatory involvement in any future development
  • Establish AUB campus as a botanic garden