Islamic Studies

​​​​​​​​The Master of Arts degree in Islamic Studies is an interdisciplinary program which provides students with the necessary background to expand their knowledge and understanding of classical and modern Islamic religious thought and textual traditions; and offers critical insight into the political, intellectual, literary and social history of Islam up to the present day. The program offers a thesis track and a project track and may be completed in two years.

Applicants with backgrounds from most fields of study are eligible to apply to the MA program in Islamic Studies, provided they have had some exposure to Islamic Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, or Religious Studies, as well as some training in the humanities ​or the social sciences. Applicants must be able to demonstrate an intermediate level of proficiency in Arabic​ and for this reason an Arabic writing sample is required​. English is the language of instruction at AUB so all applicants must meet AUB's English language requirements. The program recommends the study of a second European language other than English. For native speakers of Arabic it is recommended to develop a reading proficiency in a second language central to literature in Islamic civilizations and cultures, or in a second Semitic language.​

The Office of Admissions and the Graduate Council​ can provide information about the general requirements for applying to graduate programs at AUB.​ ​

Thesis Track

  • Eight graduate courses plus a six credit thesis

​​​Project Track 

​​Required courses

  • ​ISLM 301 Sources and Methods
  • ISLM 302 Islamic Civilizations
  • Six credits in classical and six credits in modern
  • Three credits in texts and three credits in social science methodology
  • For course descriptions, check the graduate catalogue or contact CAMES. ​


  • Students may apply to AUB's Graduate Fellowship and Assistantship Program (GFAP)​ to help fund their studies
  • ​The Graduate Fellowship and Assistantship application is included in MA application form​
  • ​CAMES offers only Graduate Administrative Assistant (GAA) positions which cover tuition fees for up to two graduate courses per semester

Tuition fees for graduate students are listed on the Office of the Comptroller​ website. Students applying from the USA may contact AUB's Office of Financial Aid for information about student loans.

​For any questions about the Islami​c Studies program, please email CAMES.​