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Tariq Mehmood Ali

Tariq Mehmood Ali,  Associate ​ Professor
Pen Name, Tariq Mehmood
Ph​D (Lancaster University, 2010)

Tariq’s  first novel, Hand On The Sun, was published by Penguin, UK, 1983. This dealt with the experience of the resistance to racism by young migrant to the UK of the 1970s and 1980s. His second, While There Is Light,,(   was published by Carcanet, UK, 2003.  This was set against the backdrop of the case of Bradford 12, where 12 young men who defended their community were  charged on conspiracy offences. Tariq was one of the leading defendants. All 12 were acquitted, .
He has recently completed his third novel, You’re Not Proper, published by Hope Road, London 2015. This is set in an English town seething  with Islamophobia. 
Before publication, this  novel won the Francis Lincoln Diverse Voices award. It is the first book in trilogy. 
Interview with Tariq:
The Song of Gulzarina (working title) is Tariq's fourth novel - a 70 year old Pakistani atheist who becomes a suicide bomber in Manchester as a protest against what is happening in Afghanistan.This is with Tariq’s agent.

In addition, Tariq has published a number of children’s books. 

He is also a filmmaker. He is the co-director of the award-winning documentary film Injustice, which deals with deaths in British police custody and which the police have successfully stopped being broadcast on television in the UK:

He co-directed Defeat of The Champion:
He co-scripted: Newspeak:;  
Who Polices the Police:

The Lotus Project: 
Tariq is the executive editor of a forthcoming series of anthologies being published by AUB press on the historical journal of the Afro-Asian Writers Association called Lotus:   

Palestine in Literature:  

Courses he has taught include: 

ENGL 257C  Visual Culture:Poetry & Film
ENGL 249   Fiction Writing
ENGL 243   Post-Colonial Literature 
ENGL 243   S.T:Southern Literatures of Resistance English
ENGL 236   Introduction to Creative Writing) 
ENGL 219   Film as Text

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