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Peter Dieckmann, Rana Sharara-Chami, Hege Langli Ersdal
Clinical Education for the Health Professions, 2020

Tensing Maa, MDa, Daniel J. Scherzer, MDb, Ilana Harwayne-Gidansky, MD, MA, FAAP, CHSEc, Tali Capua, MDd,David O. Kessler, MD, MSce, Jennifer L. Trainor, MDf, Priti Jani, MD, MPHg, Becky Damazo, RN, CHSE-A, CPNP-A, MSNh, Kamal Abulebda, MDi, Maria Carmen G. Diaz, MD, FAAP, FACEPj, Rana Sharara-Chami, MDk, Sushant Srinivasan, MD, MHPEl, Adrian D. Zurca, MD, MEdm, Ellen S. Deutsch, MD, MSn, Elizabeth A. Hunt, MD, MPH, PhDo,*, and Marc Auerbach, MD, MSCip,*; the PEAK investigators of the International Network for Simulation-based Pediatric Innovation, Research, & Education (INSPIRE)†
​The ​Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 2019

Rana Sharara-Chami, Zavi Lakissian, Randa Farha, Hani Tamim, Nicholas Batley
BMJ, 2019

Wolbrink, Traci A. MD, MPH1,2; van Schaik, Sandrijn M. MD, PhD3; Turner, David A. MD4; Staffa, Steven J. MS1; Keller, Eleanor BS1; Boyer, Donald L. MD, MSEd5,6; Chong, Grace MD7; Cross, Jarrod MD8; del Castillo, Sylvia MD9; Feng, Andrew MD10; Hum, R. Stanley MD11; Jacob James, Ebor MD12; Johnson, Amanda MD1,13; Kandil, Sarah MD14; Kneyber, Martin MD, PhD, FCCM15; Rameshkumar, Ramachandran DM16; Levin, Amanda MD17; Lodha, Rakesh MD18; Jayashree, Muralidharan MD19; Olivero, Anthony MD20; Oberender, Felix MD21; Panesar, Rahul S. MD22; Pooni, Puneet A. MD23; Rehder, Kyle J. MD4; Sankaranarayanan, Shuba MD24; Scheffler, Margaret MD25; Sharara-Chami, Rana MD26; Siems, Ashley L. MD17; Padur Sivaraman, Rajakumar MD25; Tegtmeyer, Ken MD27,28; Valentine, Stacey MD, MPH29; Villois, Florencia MD30; von Saint Andre-von Arnim, Amelie MD31; Winkler, Margaret MD32; Dede, Chris EdD33; Burns, Jeffrey P. MD, MPH1,2 on behalf of the Game-based Education in Residency (GamER) Study Group
Critical Care Medicine, 2019

Selim Hani; Gihad Chalouhi; Zavi Lakissian; Rana Sharara-Chami
JMIR Medical Education​, 2019

​​​​Hybrid simulation for teaching clinical breast examination (CBE) for physicians in training​
Rana Sharara-Chami, Umayya Musharrafieh, Anwar Nassar, Zavi Lakissian and Joseph Nassif
Health Edu Care, 2019

Ulmer, Francis F.; Sharara-Chami, Rana ; Lakissian, Zavi; Stocker, Martin; Scott, Ella; Dieckmann, Peter
Journal of Scociety for Simulation in Healthcare, 2018

Osman H, Jurdi K, Sabra, R, Arawi T
BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care, 2018

Joseph Nassif, Abdul-Karim Sleiman, Anwar H. Nassar, Sima Naamani 4, Rana Sharara-Chami
Journal of Cancer Education​, 2017

Joseph Nassif, Joe Eid, Anwar Nassar, Imad Bou Akl, Antoine Abu Musa, Sehrish A. Abbasi, Rana Sharara
International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 2017

Zgheib, N, Dimassi, Z, Bouakl, I, Badr, K, Sabra, R
Medical Teacher, 2016

Nassif J, Sleiman AK, Nassar A, Naamani S, Sharara-Chami R
AMEE MedEdPublish open access. 2016

Lebanese Medical Journal. In press. 2016

Bioethicising - medical students engaged in bioethics
Arawi, T and Mikati, D
Cambridge Healthcare Quarterly. 2016

Today, physicians find themselves facing more controversial issues than ever before; consequently, it has become indispensable for medical students to receive adequate training in medical ethics throughout their medical school years. At the American University of Beirut (AUB) Faculty of Medicine, third year medical students complete a nine month course in bioethics that aims through unique components, to help them become healers and not only healthcare practitioners. In this article, we highlight the features of the Blended Learning format used for this course and emphasize three innovative learning activities: 1) Bioethics Documentary, 2) Edutainment Games and 3) Bioethics Log, which proved to be effective tools for achieving the course outcomes

Arawi, T
Medical Education. 2016

Jason Walsh, Benjamin Harris and Phil Smith
The Postgraduate Medical Journal. July 2016

Benjamin Harris, Jason Leo Walsh, and David Wilson
Clinical Medicine. 2016

Schiel Zoberi K,, Everard KM, Antoun J.
Fam Med. 2016

JumanaAntoun, RihabNasr, Nathalie K.Zgheib
Computers in Human Behavior. 2015

Badr KF and Sabra RF
Qatar Weill Cornell. 2014

Sharara-Chami R, Taher S, Kaddoum R, Tamim H, Charafeddine L.
Middle East J Anaesthesiol. 2014 

Balint Seminars; The Transatlantic Experience Through Videoconference
Antoun, J, Romani, M., Johnson, A., Brock, C., Hamadeh , G
Family Practice, 2014

Rony H. SalloumBassel NazhaNathalie K. Zgheib
Medical Science Educator. 2014

Javaid I. Sheikh , Kamal F. Badr, Robert K. Kamei, Thurayya Arayssi
Innovations in Global Medical and Health Education 2013

Mohamed Sayegh, Kamal Badr
Nature Middle East, 2012

Competing Duties Medical Educators, Underperforming Students, and Social Accountability
Arawi, Thalia and Philip Rosoff
Bioethical Inquiry, 2012

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Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. 2012

Curr Pharmacogenomics Person Med 2012

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Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 2011 

Zgheib NK, Ghaddar F, Sabra R
Current pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine, 2011 

Arawi TA
Acad Med. 2011 

Arawi, T
Med Teach​, 2010

Zgheib NK, Simaan J, Sabra R.  
Medical Teacher,  2010

Campo, R., Reising, C., Van Belle, Y., Nassif, J., O'Donovan, P., Molinas, C.R. 
Gynecological Surgery. 2010

Antoun J, Saab BR
Med Teach. 2010

Saab BR, Usta J, Major S, Antoun J
J Med Liban 2009

Saab BR, Major S, Musharrafieh UM, Antoun J
J Med Liban 2009

Nabulsi M, Harris J, Letelier LM, Ramos KD, Hopayian K, Parkin C, Porzsolt F, Sestini P, Slavin M, Summerskill W
International Journal of Evidence-Based Health Care 2007


The below are 6 TBL modules used in the clinical pharmacology course that is offered to third year medical students at the American University of Beirut Faculty of Medicine. The clinical pharmacology course was initiated in 2008 when it was first offered to fourth year medical students, and then it was gradually moved to third year medical students. The main objective of the course is to apply rational prescribing within several clinical case scenarios. The reading material typically includes an article from the Medical Letter journal and a summary of the treatment guidelines from the relevant associations or expert groups. Two articles describing the course and its outcome have been previously published. We have shown that medical students were highly satisfied with the course and the teaching approach, and that their performance on prescription writing and formulary development had improved.​

Treatment of Blood Cholesterol to Reduce Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Risk in Adults Team Based Learning (TBL) session for third year medical students​
Arabi A, Nasrallah M, Zgheib, NK
MedEdPORTAL; 2015

Nasrallah M, Zgheib N, Arabi A
MedEdPORTAL; 2012

Zgheib N, Antoun J, Taher A
MedEdPORTAL; 2012

Zgheib N, Bou Akl I
MedEdPORTAL; 2012

Zgheib N, Kanazi G, Saasouh W
MedEdPORTAL; 2012

Antoun J, Zgheib N, Kanafani Z
MedEdPORTAL; 2012


Disclosure of Medical Error: Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)​
Antoun J, Romani M, Saab B
MedEdPORTAL; 2012

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