Emergency Contacts

University Emergency Numbers

For all emergencies involving hazardous materials, such as chemicals, radioactive or bio hazardous materials or spills, toxic gas, etc. call Environmental Health Safety and Risk Management (EHSRM)

Environmental Health Safety and Risk Management (EHSRM) 
(o​nly during working hours) 

For any emergency involving personal security or thefts, burglary, assault, etc. call the Protection office

Protection Office
2400 (24/7)
Fire  5555                      (24/7)
Plant Engineering 6500/ 6503         (only during working hours)
Plant Engineering Help Desk  6510/ 6521 (24/7)
 5010 (24/7)
Paging  8989(24/7)
Emergency Medical Assistance  7777(only during working hours)
UHS Infirmary  3000(only during working hours)
IT- Computer  2260  (only during working hours)
Telephone Repair- Communications  2260  (only during working hours)​

City of Beirut Emergency Numbers

(from an external line)

Fire & Rescue  175
Police- Internal Security Forces  112
Red Cross  140
Airport  150
International calls  100
Information  120