​​​The Hypoxia Incubator Chamber is a self-contained and sealed chamber that fits inside existing laboratory incubators. Each unit utilizes a surface-type seal in which all portions of the O-ring are uniformly compressed by a ring clamp for a reliable, air-tight seal. The cylindrical walls and semi-spherical top and bottom minimize gas flow resistance and eliminate dead space during initial purging. The chambers have an integrated stacking feature for storage during or after experimentation. All units are molded from high quality polycarbonate and will not break, crack or cloud with extended use.                                                                                            

It has frequently been used in the experiments that require hypoxic conditions. The Hypoxic chamber consists of a cabinet fits inside incubator and a glove box workstation for maintaining desirable levels of O2, CO2 and humidity in cell and tissue culture. 

Hours of operation: 8am- 5pm
Reservation Link: None
Access Level: Minimal training
Location: DTS – 308