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Physical and Earth Sciences

​​​​This area focuses on the development of computational methods in solving physical problems with varying spatial and temporal scales ranging from Particle Physics to the study of substances in their solid-state known as Computational Condensed Matter, to living systems and models of Self Organization, to the modeling of the physical change at the urban scale through the lens of Complexity Science all the way up to the Astrophysical scale modeling increasingly resolved observations of astronomical objects, phenomena, and associated processes. 

For Earth Sciences, the research focuses on hydrogeology and the applications of AI and machine learning techniques in the fields of meteorology, agriculture, water and food security. It is also concerned with the application of machine learning in Smart Cities as well as the Oil and Gas Industry.​

Below is a list of selected faculty members who conduct research relevant to this area. ​​

  • Fatima Abu Salem
    Advanced machine learning techniques for smart irrigation.
  • Hadi Jaafar
    Remote sensing in Agriculture, Water, and Food Security​.
  • Issam Lakkis
    Microfluidics & MEMS, Atmospheric & Ocean Modeling, Pollution Transport, Vortex Methods.
  • Jihad Touma 
    Computational astrophysics and dynamical systems.
  • Joanna Doummar
    Earth Sciences​.
  • Kassem Ghorayeb
    Use of Machine Learning in the Oil and Gas Industry.
  • Leonid Klushin
    Computational models of soft matter and self-organization.
  • Mazen ​Ghoul​
    Generalised hydrodynamics, reaction-diffusion, stochastic differential equations.
  • Michel Kazan
    Computational condensed matter.
  • Mutasem Shehadeh
    Multiscale Modeling.
  • Samer Kharroubi
    Advanced statistical modelling techniques for smart irrigation.​
  • Sara N​ajem
    Computational physics and complexity science applied to urban and biological systems.

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