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Required Documents
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​All applicants are asked to submit the required documents online when filling the online financial aid application and before submitting it. In addition to the list below, some students may be asked to submit additional documents on an individual basis. Only complete applications, including all required documents, will be processed.​​ 

If any required document is not applicable to your situation then you should fill and sign the disclaimer corresponding to that document.  Click here to go to the Disclaimers page and follow the procedures.​

​​​​Required Documents​
​A Photo of the applicant​​
​Employment/Retirement/Unemployment Records

  • ​If Employed in the Public Sector or Armed Forces: 
     Each member of the family who is employed in the public sector should provide the following:​ 

    • the official Employment Certificate of the public institution افادة راتب

  • ​If Employed in the Private Sector
      Each earning member of the family who is employed in the private sector should provide the following:

    • Recent Employment Certificate(s) for job(s) held by clearly stating occupation, job title, years of service, and benefits (e.g. educational benefits, accommodation, etc...). These should be obtained from Employers signed and stamped, and
    • The ​​​​​Employee Income Statement Form A duly filled, signed and stamped by the employer 

  • ​​If Self-Employed:

    Each  earning member of the family who is self-employed should provide documentation of the annual income by submitting the following:
    • Self-Employed Income Statement Form B
    • the Business Registration 
    • the NSSF registration document including the NSSF number of the institution
    • Income Tax Statements تصريح شخصي/مؤسسة/شركات – ضريبة الدخل​
    • the business bank statement of account for the last year

  • ​If Retired from the Armed Forces
    • the Retirement document showing the retirement indemnity and monthly retirement salary​ ​
  • ​If Retired from the Public sector تعاونية موظفي الدولة:
    • In case of retirement with a monthly salary submit the official document دفتر التقاعد that shows the salary
    • In case of retirement with a single payment indemnity تعويض submit the official document that shows the indemnity received, and/or bank statement showing the transaction of the indemnity received ​
  • ​If Retired from the Private sector:
    • a statement إفادة خدمة from the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) الصندوق الوطني للضمان الإجتماعي  as a proof of unemployment
    • the official document that shows the indemnity received​

  • ​​If Unemployed:
    • Unemployed parents should provide instead a statement إفادة خدمة​ from the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) الصندوق الوطني للضمان الإجتماعي ​as a proof of unemployment

School Statement and Fees
  • ​​School/University certificate of registration of the current year showing annual tuition fees​ for applicant and siblings currently enrolled at school or university, and ​
  • The most recent Receipt of paid fees for the current year for each dependent child enrolled at school or university

AUB Enrolled Students first-time applying for financial aid, these documents are required for their siblings only and not for applicant.

Family Civil Status Record  إخراج قيد عائلي
​Document should be issued within the previous 3 months

Click to view Sample​

​General Security Travel Records  افادة تنقلات دخول و خروج من الامن العام

Required for applicant and both parents for the last 5 years and which you can obtain from the General Security.​
​ ​
Certificates of Ownership   ​ نفي ملكية

The Certificate of Ownership (CO) نفي ملكية​ is an official government 
document that lists all real estate assets, if any, that are owned by an individual in the country.

It is required from:

  • Lebanese nationals, (if residing outside Lebanon, also provide an equivalent document from the country of residency)
  • Syrians residing in Lebanon (you are required to apply for this document and also provide an equivalent document from Syria)
  • Palestinian refugees in Lebanon
  • Other nationalities residing in Lebanon (you are required to apply for this document and also provide an equivalent document from your home country)​

How to get this document?

-  Click on the Certificate of Ownership application here, fill all questions and upload the family civil status اخراج القيد العائلي or equivalent document in your hom​e country.
​-  When the application is processed, the applicant will be notified to pick up the payment slip from the Office of Financial Aid in order to pay the fees at AUB’s Cashier Office.​

In the meantime, until we get for you the Certificate of Ownership from the ministry you are required to fill the Fixed Assets Ownership Declaration Form and upload it in the financial aid application.
​The Fixed Assets Ownership Declaration Form is temporary and does not replace the official certificates of ownership.

​ ​​Rental Contracts and/or Ownership Deeds

Required for any asset occupied and/or owned where applicable including:

- House(s)
- Apartment(s)
- Business(es) Premises
- Land(s)
- Cabin(s), Chalet(s), Bungalow(s), etc.
- Other real estate assets

   Click to view Sample

​ ​Car(s) Registration Form  رخصة سير مركبة ألية

Required for each car owned by any member of the family

    Click to view Sample​

​ ​​Loan agreement(s)

​For any outstanding loan where applicable and with supporting documents

​Bank Statement(s)

  • ​​Domiciliation bank account statement for 1 year (not required for public sector employees)
  • Saving bank account statement for 1 year

​Additional Documents

Any additional document that would support the financial aid application (e.g. medical reports and recent medical/hospital bills, certificate of job termination or end of service, etc...)
​ ​
​​Documents for Spouses of Married Applicants

A married applicant should also submit all above applicable documents related to his/her spouse​​ and not those of parents.​
​ ​


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