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Required Documents

​​All applicants are asked to submit the required documents online when filling the online financial aid application and before submitting it. In addition to the list below, some students may be asked to submit additional documents on an individual basis. Only complete applications, including all required documents, will be processed.​​ 

If any required document is not applicable to your situation then  you should fill and sign the disclaimer corresponding to that document.  Click here to go to the Disclaimers page and follow the procedures.

The required documents are:

1- A passport-size photograph of the applicant.​

2- Employment Records:
  • Recent Employment Certificate(s) for job(s) held by each earning member of the family clearly stating occupation, job title, years of service, and benefits (e.g. educational benefits, accommodation, etc...). These are obtained from Employers.
  • Employee Income Statement form A​ duly filled, signed and stamped by the employer of each earning member of the family. If working for the public sector, the Income Statement issued by the government should be submitted (the monthly payroll slip is not valid).
  • For each earning member of the family who is (are) self-employed, documentation for annual income should be provided by the family member by completing the Self-Employed Income Statement form B​ and providing with it the Business Registration, the NSSF registration document including the NSSF number of the institution, income tax statements, and the business bank statement of account for the last year.
  • Unemployed parents should provide instead a statement from the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) as a proof on unemployment.

3- School Statement and Fees:

Recent school certificate of registration showing annual tuition fees and receipts of paid fees for each dependent child enrolled at school or university.

Please note that for AUB Enrolled Students applying for the First-time​ these documents are required for their siblings only.  

4- Family Civil Status Re​cord (issued within the previous 3 months). Click to view Sample​

​5- Certificates of Ownership: 

Undergraduate applicants: required for both parents. Submit the certificates of ownership in the name of each parent, father and mother, for All Lebanon.

Graduate applicants: required only for married applicants. Submit the certificates of ownership in the name of the married applicant and his/her spouse, for All Lebanon. (Not required for single Graduate a​pplicants)

The certificates of ownership should be obtained from the Ministry of Finan​ce at the following address only: Khandak el Ghamik, near Fouad Chehab bridge, Moukarzel building, 9th floor. Last year the cost of this document was about LL1,000,000​ for both parents.
For non Lebanese students, a certificate of ownership from the Land Registry Department (or equivalent document) where the family resides is adequate. 

6- Photocopy of recent rental contract(s) and/or ownership deed(s) of house, business, land, and resort premises (if applicable). Click to view Sample

7- Photocopy of car(s) registration form for each car owned by family. Click to view Sample

​8- Photocopy of loan agreement(s), if any, with all supporting documents

9- Bank statement certificate of savings (if any).

10- Any additional document that would support the application for financial aid (e.g. medical reports and recent medical/hospital bills, certificate of job termination or end of service, etc...).

11- If the applicant is married, all documents related to the spouse must be as well submitted.

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