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Student Research Projects

Student Research Projects in History and Archaeology Since 2010

Current MA Thesis Projects:

  • Berj Wannessian, The Scope of the Sacred Landscape of Lebanon during the Roman Period
  • Badria El Jilani, Cairene and Damascene Attitudes towards the Ottomans
  • Rochana Faraj, The Study of Hellenistic and Roman Period Coins from the Excavations in Beirut
  • Megan Tribble, Fake News, Echo Chambers, and Writing History in Real-Time: Lebanese Press Coverage of the 1958 Crisis

Current PhD Dissertation Projects:

  • Michael Arnold, Contesting Tradition: Abu al-Huda al-Sayyadi and Islamic Conservatism in the Late Ottoman Empire
  • Mehmet Ali Neyzi, Sultan Abdülhamid II and the Aşiret Mektebi: A History and a Prosopographic Study
  • Yasmin Shafei, The Professionalization of Mental Health in Egypt

Completed PhD Dissertations and MA Theses

History PhD dissertations:

  • Catherine Wadad Batruni, 2019
    Producing Pioneers: The American Junior College for Women and the Beirut College for Women, 1924-1973
  • Karen Raif Moukheiber, 2015
    Slave Women and Free Men: Gender, Sexuality, and Culture in Early Abbasid Times
  • Aaron Tylor Brand, 2014
    Lives Darkened by Calamity: Enduring the Famine of World War I in Lebanon and Western Syria

Archaeology MA Theses:

  • Rana Zaher, 2019
    Towards an Understanding of the Date and Style of the Portal Lion of Tell Ta’yinat: A Deconstructive Approach
  • Hassan El-Hajj, 2015
    Domestic Architecture and Social Change in the Greco-Roman Near East
  • Naseem Naji Raad, 2015
    Roman Amphorae in the Near East: A Study of the Distribution of Spanish, North African, and Local Types
  • Emilia M. Jastrzebska, 2011
    Children in the Early Bronze Age Mortuary Customs of the Levant
  • Marshall Charles Woodworth, 2011
    Organic Residue Analysis of Beirut Amphorae by Chemical Analytical Techniques
  • Nathalie Alfred Kallas, 2010
    Stratigraphic Study of Area I-Northwest at Tell el-Burak, South Lebanon: Squares 29/27, 29/28, 30/27 & 30/28
  • Riva Riad Daniel, 2010
    Early Bronze Age Cylinder Seals and Impressions from Lebanon

History MA Theses:

  • Yous​​​sef El-Khoury Salem, 2020
    Aḥmad Fāris al-Shidyāq in the Public Sphere: al-Jawāʾib Newspaper (1861-1884)
  • Elijah Powelson, 2020
    The Northcliffe​ Press and Zionism: The Times, The Daily Mail, and the Battle for the Jewish National Home in Palestine, 1917-1922
  • Bedros Puzant Torosian, 2019
    In Search of Haven and Seeking Fortune: The Economic Role of Ottoman Armenian Migrants in British-Occupied Egypt (1882-1914)
  • Raja Jamal Abu Hassan, 2017
    The Settlement and Economic Development of Hawran 1860-1914: A Reconsideration of Motives and Forces
  • Tamara Maatouk, 2017
    Understanding the Public Sector in Egyptian Cinema: A State Venture
  • Hratch Yervant Kestenian, 2015
    A Portrait of Armenian Student Life at the Syrian Protestant College 1885-1920
  • Cyma Sami Farah, 2014
    Religion, Science, and Power in the Making of the Survey of Western Palestine
  • Choon Hwee Koh, 2014
    Qāytbāy’s Journey to Bilād al-Shām in 882/1477: Power, Periphery, and Royal Peregrinations
  • Emily Louise Dawes, 2013
    Osman Hamdi Bey, Gertrude Bell, and the Archaeology of Mesopotamia
  • Jeremey Nicholas Randall, 2013
    Reconfiguring the Abbasid Court: The Case of al-Amin
  • Matthew Alan Sharp, 2013
    Transformation at the Syrian Protestant College: The Role of Liberal Protestant Theology and Epistemology in the Shifting Vision of a Missionary College
  • Joan Elias Chaker, 2012
    Eastern Tobacco and the Ottoman Regie: A History of Financiers in the Age of Empire

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