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Minor in Marine Sciences and Culture

The minor in Marine Sciences and Culture is a multi-disciplinary program of study that applies the principles of archaeology, oceanography, geology, and biology to shed light on human interaction with the sea. Whether students intend to pursue a career in maritime archaeology or oceanography, or simply wish to learn more about maritime history and science through a practical, hands-on experience, this exciting program can complement a wide variety of academic fields. This program is sponsored by the Honor Frost Foundation and scholarships are available to qualified candidates. For more information, see the HFF’s official website:

Students choosing to minor in Marine Sciences and Culture must complete MSCU 201, MSCU 202, and MSCU 203, along with two electives chosen from any of the following departments: History and Archaeology (which may include MSCU 204 and MSCU 211), Geology, and/or Biology.

The MSCU courses are delivered by a range of lecturers from AUB and the HFF Lebanon team. International experts also contribute to each of the courses, along with visiting lecturers from local academic institutions such as the Lebanese University. This has allowed for a rich and diverse curriculum that provides students with a unique academic experience. The successful completion of the Minor allows students to further explore careers and education in the fields of Marine Archaeology, Geology and Oceanography/Ocean Engineering.

Interested students are encouraged to contact the program coordinator, Dr. Naseem Raad, for more information at or

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