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Operating Budget

​​Operating Budget Process

The day-to-day operations of the university are primarily funded through unrestricted funds, and each year the Board of Trustees approves this funding with the annual Operating Budget. Budgeting for restricted funds is handled by the Office of Grants and Contracts and the Office of the Comptroller. Deans and other area managers work with the senior administration to arrive at the best allocation of available operational resources, and the Office of Financial Planning (OFP) works with the deans and area managers to assist them in this goal. OFP also coordinates with the AUBMC Director of Finance and related staff to consolidate the medical center operating budget into one document with a balanced fiscal result. 

The Operating Budget is first presented to the Budget Committee of the Board of Trustees in March in draft form. Following feedback from the trustees, the operating budget is subsequently revised and furthermore takes into account feedback received from the Financial Planning Committee (FPC) before it is approved by the Budget Committee and the Full Board of Trustees in May or June each year. ​

​Operating Budget Requests

All operating budget requests are first directed to the relevant dean or area manager. The below table summarizes who is responsible for initial screening all operating budget requests. This does not necessarily apply, however, to the AUBMC or the Faculty of Medicine, whose budgeting process is administered by the AUBMC finance team.

​Department or Unit
​Requests Submitted By
​Requests Submitted To
​Academic Department or Unit
(e.g., FAS Department)
​Department Chairperson or Head
(e.g. FAS Department Chairperson)
​Dean's Office
(e.g. Dean of Arts and Sciences)
​Unit that reports directly to President, Provost or Vice President.

(e.g., Library)​
​Director or Unit Head

(e.g., Library Director)
​Office of the President, Provost or Vice President

(e.g. Provost's Office)
​Department or office that reports to another department (sub-unit).

(e.g. EHSRM)
​Director of Department (Sub-Unit)

(e.g., EHSRM Director)

​​Director or Unit Head

(e.g., Director of FPDU​)

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