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Software and Technology Trading Room

​T hrough the Al Katami Trading Room, OSB provides students with access to superior collections and applications of data feeds and analytical tools. While in the trading room students will have access to: 

  • Two video data walls 
  • Latest software packages that support their learning like : 
  • Thomson ReutersEikon 
  • SPSS 
  • Risk Solver 
  • Printing station 


Thomson Reuters Eikon provides easy access to real-world tools and content that drive thousands of financial decision every day. Thomson Reuters helps accelerate financial learners into financial leaders. Eikon is sought after for economic research, historical financial data across all asset classes, news, and analytics. Students can stream data on 15 computers in the trading room. 


SPSS® Advanced Statistics provides univariate and multivariate modeling techniques to help users reach the most accurate conclusions when working with data describing complex relationships. These sophisticated analytical techniques are frequently applied to gain deeper insights from data used in different disciplines. 


Risk Solver® Platform is by far the most powerful tool for risk analysis, simulation, and optimization in Excel. It includes all the capabilities of Risk Solver™ (Pro version) for risk analysis and Monte Carlo simulation, all the capabilities of Premium Solver™ (Platform version) for optimization, and new capabilities for finding robust optimal decisions automatically, using stochastic programming and robust optimization methods -- not available anywhere else. With its new user interface that uses Excel's Ribbon and Task Pane plus Guided Mode for selecting methods and options, it's by far the easiest way to build models and get results for critical planning decisions -- especially those that involve uncertainty.  

SDC Platinum

SDC Platinum is a software application with web connection that is the industry standard for information on new issues, M&A, syndicated loans, private equity, project finance, poison pills, and more. Backed by Thomson Reuter’s international team of expert analysts, SDC Platinum offers a global reach from a local perspective. The world's foremost financial transactions database, SDC Platinum is a source for the most thorough and accurate account of the global financial marketplace. SDC Platinum provides users with a robust database for analyzing investment banking and deal trends, identifying comparable deals, monitoring deal activity, and generating industry-leading league tables and market-share analysis. 

For login information, visit the office of the trading room administrator.
To check the availability of other software kindly contact us

Free Printing quota at OSB

Monthly Quota
Cost per page
Olayan School of Business provides business students with a monthly free printing quota on 10$. Students must be active and enrolled in the current semester to be eligible for this quota. The quota resets by the end of the month.
The cost for a regular A4 page is 0.1$ (10 cents). This makes the student eligible for 100 regular A4 pages per month.

Note: Double major students are eligible for the free quota provided by their primary faculty. 

How to check your free quota? 
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