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​​​​​​​Our Archives also feature two AUB compiled directories:

Directory of Alumni ​(1870 - 1952):

AUB Alumni Association compiled this directory in 1953 during the Presidency of Mr. Emile Bustani. It constitutes a unique record of all graduates between 1870 and 1952. This register lists the names of the graduates, their class dates, degrees, occupations, publications, and home addresses. It is a salient source for sociological & anthropological research of AUB graduates. The Directory of Alumni was digitized in 2010.


Directory of AUB Faculty, Staff and O​fficers​​ (1866 - present):

This is a database compiled by the Archives and Special Collections Department mainly based on AUB publications, e.g., SPC/ AUB Catalogs, Stephen Penrose's book "That They May Have Life," annual reports of the AUB Presidents, etc. The information comprises names of faculty members, staff, and officers (information about the latter two is limited to what is listed in the AUB catalogs). As well as degrees received, universities attended, positions held at SPC/ AUB, department, year of appointment, years at AUB, and sometimes death date. The information included, though not complete or exhaustive, goes back to the founding of the University in 1866, until the present with gaps in information during war years when catalogs were not published. This database is a work in progress and is being continuously updated.